Stressless and the American Chiropractic Association

Posted On Stressless and the American Chiropractic Association

"The average person spends a great deal of time sitting in chairs and sofas.  Therefore, it is very important to choose furnishings that are built using sound ergonomic principles.  Ekornes uses those very principles and that is why the ACA is proud to endorse Stressless seating by Ekornes."   Those words were spoken by Dr. Donald J. Krippendorf, President of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), in February 2003, when the Stressless recliner, manufactured by Ekornes, was given the endorsement of the American Chiropractic Association.
Two features of the Stressless® have contributed most to garner the support of the ACA.  The PlusTM System moves the headrest slightly forward as the chair glides back, allowing for easy reading, television watching or net surfing.  Then, with a quick snap of the headrest, it lies flat for maximum relaxation.  In addition, the Stressless® incorporates a lumbar support system that matches the changing contours of one's lumbar area.  As the chair glides to recline, the lumbar area curves outward to offer continual support of the lower back area.

The chair features are further enhanced by choosing the correct Stressless® sizeEkornes was the first company in the market to take into account that people with different builds need to have different chair sizes in order to sit comfortably.  Ekornes has been producing the Stressless® designs in various sizes since 1996.  Currently, all Stressless® recliner styles come in two sizes, with some styles available in three, as shown at left.  The company also produces two- and three-seat sofas in styles to match the various Stressless® recliner designs.  Most sofas are available with stationary backs, or with the individually reclining backs featuring the world-renown Stressless® features.